About Us

About Us

This is a theatre company designed solely to entertain. We are not believers in theatre with a political message; we are rather, story-tellers. We have a strong emphasis on aesthetics and create both dramatic and comedic productions. We do cover historical theatre and so political threads may be interwoven as a bi-product of the tales we tell.

The company was founded in 2005 and 99% o4picsf the productions we stage are original works. All the scripts and plays are written by the founder and director, Rachael Pennell.

Lucky Fin produces theatre for children as well as the mainstream. Our shows are creative, imaginative and thought-provoking.

We can and do create theatre on request. If you have a project you would like researching, for example the history of a place or period, we can undertake to do this research and produce an excellent piece of theatre at the end. Projects we have completed include, ‘Brief Candle’ – a history of Heanor Antiques Centre.

This also applies to educational establishments, Lucky Fin Productions can tailor make a course of workshops and or performances on a requested theme. Previous topics covered by the company include, Shakespeare for Beginners, Literature Weeks, Poetry, Our Tudor Past and Springtime in the Garden. Christmas plays and shows are also offered to schools.

If you would like to discuss any potential projects, educational, historical or otherwise please do call or email us.

And finally…

Lucky Fin Productions offers an excellent communications program. We offer a six week communications package to help people improve their personal vocal and presentation skills. Covering basic elocution, public speaking and presentation technique aimed at developing confidence, self esteem and so ultimately enhancing employability.