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Byron Beloved

Script By Rachael Pennell

England's most notorious Romantic poet and the women who loved him.

Commissioned by Nottingham Festival of Words.
Original cast: Rachael Pennell, Rebecca Sidwell, Carrie Hill, Richard Asher, Will Jessop, Jonathon Greaves, Hayley Considine and Penny Lamport.
Performed at: Leicester Embrace Arts, Thrumpton Hall and Nottingham Castle.


Script by Rachael Pennell, Music By Rodgers and Hart.bewitched flyer thumb

A one woman play with songs (Rodgers and Hart), chronicling the life of Ruth Etting, America’s Sweetheart of song.
The story is told in flashback from Ruthie’s dressing room. Songs punctuate the play and are performed by the jazz
trio on stage throughout.

This production received 5 star reviews at Edinburgh Festival 2005, Double Award nominations at
Buxton Festival 2005 and 2006.
Original cast :
Rachael Pennell, Fred Harris, Nigel Fox, Jimmy Taylor.
Performed at:
Lichfield Garrick, The Lace Market Theatre, The Kings Head Theatre, Buxton Opera House Studio.

A Fairy Affair:

A Fairy Affair 2 Thumb

Script by Rachael Pennell

A play for children inspired by Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
The story begins the morning after ‘the dream’. All is not well in the forest, rumours persist of humans in the woods and
bottom searches for the Fairy Queen.
Includes best beloved characters as well as new ones.

Original cast incl: Eden Ballantyne, Rachael Pennell, Sian Hilton
First performed
: Buxton Festival 2006.


The Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart flyer thumb

Script by Rachael Pennell, songs courtesy of the Great American Song Book.

This show performed by two actresses and accompanied by a pianist is set in  occupied France beginning in 1940.
Inspired by Irene Nemirovsky’s lost treasure Suite Francais – it explores the experiences of two very different w
omen whose lives were turned upside down by the outbreak of war. 

Original Cast : Rachael Pennell, Sarah Henson and Gladstone Wilson.
Performed at:
Buxton Opera House Studio, Lichfield Garrick Studio, Thrumpton Hall.



Three plays written by Rachael Pennell

Set in the Georgian era, each play explores the lives and loves of famous, infamous or successful women whose stories have been all but forgotten by the passage of time.


Chocolateria Hysteria:Chocolate Hysteria 3 Thumb

Set in Revolutionary France, as four women struggle for love and liberty in a treacherous new world,
the plain speaking Pauline Leon trades in the world’s most seductive and intoxicating  substance – chocolate.

Original Cast : Rachael Pennell, Lousie Sweeney, Carrie Hill, Sarah Henson and Stacey Bland.
Performed at: 
Buxton Opera House Studio, Lichfield Garrick.


Acting on Instinct:Acting on Instinct 2 Thumb

This play is set in London’s Drury Lane and celebrates the lives and loves of some of the most
accomplished women of the late 18th century. Actresses, writers, poets and playwrights all were
both beloved and betrayed by the men they loved.

Original cast: Carrie Hill, Rachael Pennell. Louise Sweeney, Monique Benoiton, Richard Asher,
Theresa Critchley and Matthew Huntbach.
Performed at:
Buxton Opera House Studio


Naked Ambition:Nak-Ambition 002 Thumb

Also set in Drury Lane, this play begins back-stage with two ambitious young girls who
perfect the art of seduction and ascend to the highest echelons of Regency England.

Original cast: Rachael Pennell, Carrie Hill, Hannah Mason, Louise Sweeny,
Robert Joyce and Jonathan Greaves.
Performed at: Buxton Opera House, Lichfield Garrick, Dempsey’s.



Script by Rachael PennellMistique Thumb

A witty, comedic tale of the Pendroon Family and their Summer Ball in 1930. As Marlon Pendroon
presents his niece, Jenny to society, two daring suitors try to win her hand .Artie and Lance compete
not just for her love but for the entire Pendroon estate.  Despite the best efforts of Jenny’s ladies maid,
Mrs Baxter will  this families secrets disrupt the fun? – and who is that on the west staircase?

Original Cast: incl: Eden Ballantyne, Rachael Pennell, Irene Button, Carrie Hill, David Lankester.
Performed at: Thrumpton Hall


A Sicillian  Romance: Sicilian-Rom 1 Thumb

Script by Rachael Pennell, adapted from the novel by Anne Radcliffe.

Will the mysterious past of the Mazzini family be resolved?Can the Count conceal his past indefinitely?
And just who or what is confined within the old tower walls? Gothic romance and horror at it’s finest.

Original cast incl: Rahil Liapapoulis, Rachael Pennell, Eden Ballantyne, and Zofia Zolna.
Performed at: Thrumpton Hall, Heath House


Venus and Adonis: Venues  Adonis 2 Thumb

Script by Rachael Pennell with the poetry of William Shakespeare.

As one half of a pair of legendary lovers, Adonis should be the happiest man on earth: but is being adored by the
Goddess of Love all it’s cracked up to be? – Adonis isn’t so sure. A light-hearted look at love with the language
of our greatest poet to help explain why love makes fools of us all.

Original cast: Rachael Pennell, Carrie Hill and Eden Ballantyne.
Performed at: Thrumpton Hall.