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Singing100ClubRachael began her singing career in the Midlands with her first gigs in The Running Horse and The Lion, Basford. Within the year she had been selected by a stalwart of the British Jazz scene, Stan Greig, to appear as a vocalist with his Quintet. This band of esteemed musicians also featured clarinettist, Wally Fawkes, and they performed at Smithy’s Wine Bar, in London’s King’s Cross. With Stan’s support she recorded her first album, with all songs arranged by him, ‘ Papa Said’’. The album was released by Lake Records in the Autumn of 2000.

This her debut recording received critical acclaim and she went on to headline at The 100 Club, The 606, Pizza on The Park and even made a brief appearance in Los Angeles where she met L.A. Times jazz critic, Scott Yanow. After hearing her sing, he hailed her as one of Britain’s finest jazz singers, saying of her voice ‘a distinctive style, perhaps unique.’  This established her as one of the first in what was to become a new breed of young jazz and blues artists.

After  recording 3 albums and touring extensively across the U.K and Europe, she returned to theatre in 2005, combining her singing talents with her acting ability and
writing skills to create the musical show, Bewitched. The play, which features songs by Rodgers and Hart, chronicled the life of Ruth Etting and Rachael received 5 star reviews for her work at the Edinburgh Festival 2005.

Since then, she has been focusing on her production company, Lucky Fin, writing and producing new plays for theatre and script- writing for various projects as well as performing as an actress.

Rachael is pleased to announce that after a break of almost six years she is currently working on a new album, A collaboration with pianist and composer, Gladstone Wilson. You can find details of music performances on the ‘News’ page.

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