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'A remarkable lady gives a thoroughly bewitching experience - don't miss it'
Edinburgh Guide (2005)

The Frozen Heart

'Linking it all together is the brilliant Gladstone Wilson on piano as Monique tells some of her story in song. Her fine voice and equally fine French singing immediately took you to a smokey French cabaret; an atmospheric and absorbing production'


'Moving, Absorbing and the acting was fabulous - some of the best I've seen.'
Debut - Buxton Opera House Studio (2009)

Chocolateria Hysteria

'A sweet tale of revolution - Chocolateria Hysteria

History is brought to life in a unique and fascinating way in Rachael Pennell’s Chocolateria Hysteria

Pennell, writer and director of Lucky Fin productions, is gifted in her ability to uncover women of significance in history and imaginatively portray the roles they have played. 

In Chocolateria Hysteria she brings us the compelling story of six very different women living very different lives in France in the late 1700s; a chocolate-maker, a courtesan, the wife of a Girondist activist, the wife of a diplomat, and actress and an aristocratic Liberal who later became the ‘It Girl’ of post-revolution France. 

In reality the six women depicted are documented as being instrumental in the French Revolution but their paths did not cross.  However, unleash your imagination for a short while and see how their story pans out.  Coming together for a common purpose; to give women a voice, seeking rights for women, calling for a republic and the unseating of King Louis XVI, they meet in the shadows under the cover of darkness, hidden behind hooded cloaks and in constant fear of discovery. 

There are strong performances from each cast member, Holly Berry, Carrie Hill, Rachael Penell  Louise Sweeney and Rebecca Sidwell but Pennell shines.'
Lichfield Garrick Studio